Coconut Curry Tuna Long Beans

Coconut Curry Tuna Long Beans

Coconut Curry Tuna Long Beans

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Materials :

500 grams of tuna that's been cleaned were given lemons and cut small pieces
5 pieces long beans cut small
5 grains of red onion puree
2 butir Garlic Puree
1 cm saffron puree
3 pieces of red chilli puree
1 cm ginger puree
1 galangal pounded
1 sheet of bay leaf
2 pieces of Orange leaves sobek2
sugar and salt to taste
cooking oil for sautéing

Step :
  1. Saute seasoning smooth sampe fragrance
  2. Enter the galangal, Bay leaves and lime leaves stir-stir
  3. Enter the fish add the string beans and pete mix again.
  4. Let a minute and enter the coconut milk while stirring constantly stir in sugar and salt
  5. check the taste if it is simmering turn off stove and teapot.

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