Oyster Sauce Squid

Oyster sauce squid

Oyster sauce squid

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Materials :

500 grams wet, wash clean, remove the Peel
4 cloves shallots
5 green chilies, sliced
3 pieces of red chilli, sliced
1 tomato, sliced
1 segment galangal, crushed coarsely
1 sections of ginger, coarsely mashed
2 tbsp oyster sauce
to taste sugar and flavoring
oil for sauteing

Step :
  1. Let the juice of the lime juice on squid that has been washing clean, allow 10 minutes. Then wash clean. Do not waste his ink
  2. Heat oil, then saute the ingredients: onions, chilli, tomatoesgalangal and Ginger until fragrant.
  3. Enter the squid, stir well. I didn't add water because the squid usually issued its ownwater.
  4. Add the oyster sauce, sugar, and flavorings. Stir until the water half shrank.
  5. Correction of taste, if already fitted can be appointed and presented. Do not overcook the squid because cooking the flesh can harden
Oyster sauce squid

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