Practical Salt Pepper Chilli Squid

Practical Salt Pepper Chilli Squid

Practical Salt Pepper Chilli Squid

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Materials :

500 grams of Squid pieces round
1 packet instant Flour for frying flour (any brand)
3 egg whites only
4 pieces of cayenne pepper red iris-iris
3 cloves chopped garlic
1 piece of onion slices-iris
3 tbsp cooking oil
Sliced green onions-sliced

Step :
  1. Clean squid and cut into round (calamary), give it the juice of lime and salt. Let stand in refrigerator 15menit
  2. Dip the squid into egg whites and jerky with instant flour (repeat 2 x) and fried into hot oil until golden brown, drain & set aside
  3. Heat oil, Saute garlic until aromatic onions &. Stir in cayenne pepper, leeks and squid fried already entered
  4. Stir the calamari and sauteed spice, add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and ready to be served up:)

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