Pare Sambal Prawns Veggie

Pare Sambal Prawns Veggie Ala Jessica Angelina

Pare Sambal Prawns Veggie

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Materials :

Pare (Cored, Cut According To Taste)
Sweet Corn
Sambal Prawns Veggie Way
Mokocin (Mushroom Broth)
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Sambal (Chilli Red curly, cayenne pepper, tomato) and then blend

Step :
  1. Saute first Sambal
  2. Input Corn
  3. Then The Sambal Prawns
  4. Input pare
  5. Input All The Seasoning (Salt, Sugar, Mokocin)
  6. Then the Jeep to think it's then ready to fit in to serve on enjoy

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