Tomato Sambal Prawn Shrimp Paste

Tomato Sambal Prawn Shrimp Paste

Tomato Sambal Prawn Shrimp Paste

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Materials :

500 g prawns, peeled his skin
1/2 bunch of long beans into small pieces (optional)
9 cloves shallots
7 cloves garlic
15 fruit Lombok Devil (hahahaa according to taste)
grilled shrimp paste
2 plum tomatoes
to taste salt
4 tbsp white sugar

Step :
  1. Heat a little vegetable oil, stir fry the spices until fragrant, input the input string beans, shrimp, Cook until shrimp changes color.
  2. Do not need added water because the shrimp already pulled out of the water, taste, add a flavor enhancer of non MSG
  3. lift, sprinkle fried onions and ready for enjoy.

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